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Done For You Sales Solution

We take a high level strategic approach to your Sales Pipeline. Leads aren’t converting? 

Perhaps we need to Re-engineer the front end of your business to improve the sales processes and conversions fast. 

Then implement the right Rockstar Sales Closers to maximise your Sales Targets while having Peace of Mind that a well oiled Sales Machine is working 24/7 for you!

Enjoy a better night’s sleep…you can thank me in the morning when you roll over and check your Stripe Account watching those new High Value Deals coming through!

Remote Sales Team Management

Entrepreneurs with a proven track record and high ticket offer, who are Sick to Death with running a business AND a highly effective Sales Force at the same time. 

Spend your precious time with your clients and Delegate this department to train Experts with Data driven accountability, so you know exactly where your Marketing Dollars are generating revenue for you with maximum effect.

Our Network of Season Sales Vets means less baby handling and a more mature approach to the art of closing high value deals. 

With years of sales experience in the trenches so to speak, you know you can delegate your way to profits with guys and gals who have one mission – to close more high ticket deals.


Sales & Negotiation Training Seminars in Europe & the Canary Islands

For European & Canary Island Businesses and Entrepreneurs who have an International facing Workforce. 

Specifically for Customer and Client facing Employees who need to lift their Sales Game in this highly competitive and interconnected world market. 

We Train your teams with Sales, Marketing and Negotiation Skills in English that will drive business growth and revenue, career development and top talent acquisition to take your business to the next International level. 


Handsome mature businessman talking on mobile phone while sitting at the airport lobby with laptop computer

So you think you´re a Rock Star Entrepreneur ah?
Then does this sound familiar? 

As a successful business owner, you have a lot of different things going on, right?
You are leading a team, managing workflows. You are focusing on customer/client service, you are focusing on developing products, on fulfillment I could go on and on…

So you think, yup I can still take ALL those Sales Closing calls too, I am going to close all those high ticket sales myself, for an infinite amount of time…

But when you hit that threshold, that ceiling, now you have no more TIME, you´re just getting busier, busier and busier.
Doing the Hustle, the Grind, the 3 am starts just to cope with the day to day running of your business, now what happens…

You DON’T Close, you’re not growing, you’re not matching costs, you´re not generating more revenue! 

As an Influencer you are already doing all the Marketing, generating the Leads. You have prospects coming to your business, who have put up their hand and said they want to buy from you, they have demonstrated interest, but you just don’t have the time to take all those Sales Calls…
If we could take this off your plate, so you can focus on your business, knowing with confidence that you have got a remote Sales Management Agency taking care of your most important asset – A revenue generating sales force – on commission only!

And as a business owner you are only paying for results from the Sales Team, so you can focus on Marketing and growing your company!